Network Marketing?...
No Way!...Really??

C'mon David! You're NOT Really Going To Suggest One Of Those "Pyramid Schemes" are you? Surely You Can Do Better Than That!

I know, I know, you've seen or heard this all before! But at least hear me out before you let your preconceived attitude dictate your future results!

First, let me say that the Network Marketing Industry as a whole is one of the most over-hyped, over-promised industries I've ever seen, which sometimes gives it a bad reputation of "pyramid" schemes, "get rich quick" schemes, "sounds too good to be true" schemes, "ponzi" schemes, etc.

None of these are true, however, if a network marketing business is done correctly, which includes marketing it correctly. Network marketing can be a wonderful industry when done properly, but some of the terrible, deceitful, and downright misleading "marketing" practices many network marketers use, can give the whole industry a black eye...which is so unfair to those who are trying to do everything correctly.

With that being said, I am a strong proponent of this industry, but only when marketed correctly. Click here to read why Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommend network marketing.

Let me further add that I don't believe that a network marketing business is right for everyone. Some people have such a negative, preconceived notion about network marketing, that they wouldn't be associated with a network marketing company for all the money in the world. Some people think that network marketing is a hobby, and therefore they treat it like a hobby instead of a real business. Some people have plenty of money and aren't looking for anything else.

Network marketing, however, is one business that anyone can do -- without much capital, without much sales talent, without much risk.

I don't care which network marketing company you choose to represent. You're not going to hurt my feelings. But even if you love your job, the tax benefits of a home based network marketing business make this something worth starting. Click here to learn more about the Congress approved income tax benefits of starting and operating your own network marketing business from home.

Even though it has been around for 60 years or more, most people who think they understand it, really don't; they confuse it with being a pushy salesperson, so they don't even take a serious look at it.

Let me be perfectly clear, if done incorrectly, you will soon become a member of the NFL (and no that's not the National Football League!) In this case, "NFL" stands for "No Friends Left".

To learn the marketing system that I prefer, please click here.

Network marketing has been called “The Perfect Business” by Robert Kiyosaki, millionaire and best selling author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Robert’s message is clear…Either take responsibility for your finances, or take orders for the rest of your life. You are either a master of money, or a slave to it. Click here to get Rich Dad's the Business School - For People Who Like Helping People

Now I know that I may have struck a nerve with you by even mentioning the words "network marketing", as you don’t want to “get involved in one of those ‘things’”. But do you really know what one of those “things” is? Did you know that 99% of the people out there have no idea how network marketing works?

For this reason, many people falsely believe that "the person at the top" makes all the money, whereas everyone else makes virtually nothing. This preconceived notion is certainly not true with the companies that I am familiar with. With these companies, people in the "lower levels" have every bit as much of an opportunity to make as much or more money than the people in the "upper levels". But it takes work, which is all up to the individual person, and what he/she decides to do with his/her network marketing business.

To understand the compensation structure, "How" and "Why" network marketing is perfectly fair, and why the person at the top DOES NOT make all the money, please click here.

People are running around with all kinds of misconceptions about network marketing that keep them out of this industry. But if you would take the time to think, get educated, and quit being so close minded, you might realize that your beliefs about this industry really aren't true. Think about it...the richest, most influential people in the world build networks. That's why they call it a television "network" and a radio "network".

When I first started to work in the accounting world, the partners at our certified public accounting firm constantly reminded us that we always needed to be "networking". By this, they meant that they wanted us to constantly go out and establish relationships with people and other businesses, so that we could bring in new clients for our firm through our own contacts or through referrals from others. That way, our accounting firm's business would continually grow. Inevitably, and rightfully so, the people who brought in the most business, moved up the corporate ladder the fastest, and made the most money...because they brought in the most business for the firm.

In my opinion, referrals are the absolute strongest form of advertising and business building there is. Think about the last time you went to dinner at a nice restaurant...someone probably told you to eat there because they previously ate there and the food was good. Think about the last time you went to the movie theater...someone probably told you a movie was very good and that you should go see it. But did the restaurant owner or the movie producer send you a commission for your referral? I didn't think so. Why not? They should have! What happens when your friend has a leaky faucet...they probably ask you if you know any good plumbers. If you do know a good plumber or handyman, and that person winds up getting some work from your referral, does the plumber ever pay you a "referral fee"? Why not? Unfortunately, you're probably lucky if you even get a "thank you".

If that plumber, or restaurant owner, or movie producer sent you a small "commission" or "referral fee" for sending them a customer, you'd probably send them customers all the time, since you know your referrals are appreciated!

In its simplistic form, that's what happens in network marketing. Individuals are basically paid referral fees, or commissions, for referring people to a specific company or product. It's the best of all worlds...the company gets free advertising for it's company and products, and pays its consultants a commission if/when someone buys. By doing this, the company typically saves a tremendous amount of money on advertising costs, and can therefore spend extra money on research and development, enabling them to usually develop excellent quality products.

Again, to truly understand the network marketing industry, please click here and watch two very short, FREE, online movies.

What can happen in our lives when our presence isn’t required to earn? Freedom! It’s something we cannot put a price tag on. And we have the ability to participate in a system to give us our freedom, a system that trading our time for money will never allow to happen. And yet people say every day, “Oh, I wouldn’t get involved in something like that.” And they clearly don’t even know what “something like that” is!! And that’s unfortunate, but at the same time, I feel it is my job to at least educate them, to help them understand through a process of information.

All I ask of you is that you don’t let your past experiences dictate your future results! Look at opportunities, no matter what they are or who they come from, on their own merits and become 100% informed so you can make an educated decision. I’m certainly not going to try to “push” anything on you or try to “sell” you anything, as that’s certainly not my style. But because I care about you, I want you to be able to make an informed decision.

I’d like to think that I’m a fairly intelligent person, and this truly is “beyond compare” and as “real” as anything I’ve ever seen. Because of its wealth-building track record, they are teaching network marketing right now in business schools at major universities around the world! Warren Buffett, the second wealthiest person in America, is a major player in this industry. Multi-millionaires such as Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Tim Sales, Robert Kiyosaki, and many others are very strongly supporting this industry. Are all of these people wrong?

Again, I want to be careful not to "over-hype" things. Network marketing is and can be a perfect form of business for many people...but it must be done correctly in order to be successful. I can't emphasize this enough...I strongly recommend that you first learn, for FREE, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing by clicking here or on the book near the top of this page.

If, after reading this FREE report, you decide that network marketing is the type of business you want to pursue, no matter which company you decide to associate yourself with, it's absolutely essential, in my opinion, that you Find Out What Your Company And Your Upline Doesn't Want You To Know: Why You Don't Need To Harass Anyone To Join Your Business...How To Have Prospects Lining Up For Your Opportunity Instead (even Paying You To Talk With Them)...And Why The Traditional, Out-Dated Methods Will Literally Self-Sabotage Your Success.

There are currently several thousand network marketing companies throughout the world, marketing and distributing tens of thousands of products and services. Network Marketing is an ingenious method of moving merchandise, which can work well even when a lot of people all do just a little bit.

It is one of the fairest forms of business in the world today, as everyone has the exact same opportunity. Your age, gender, race, religious affiliation, color of your skin, educational background and work experience do not matter in this industry.

As mentioned previously, most network marketing companies are research and development companies much like Procter & Gamble is, but they market their products through networks of people instead of networks of store shelves. Procter & Gamble spends a great deal of money per year on advertising, so that when you walk into a store, they hope you will buy their products off the shelf. Network marketing companies rely on people such as yourself to market their products through networks of people, which, again, can even work well when a lot of people each do just a little bit.

Network Marketing is definitely a teaching business. Historically, more school teachers have “made it big” in network marketing than any other group. Housewives have also done extremely well, because they have had experience teaching their children. Although I believe sales are a part of this type of business, anyone approaching network marketing as a “purely selling business” is not likely to become successful. In my opinion, they will become too pushy, will refuse to learn the "correct marketing system", and will turn people off.

Because it's necessary to be able to teach people the proper way to run their businesses, I believe the internet has significantly changed how successful network marketing businesses should be built. In my estimation, every network marketer needs an excellent that WORKS (and not the "proforma" site that your company provides)! This will allow you to teach many people in the same amount of time it would take you to teach one person. Click here for the website provider that I recommend.

Anyone with average intelligence who wants to start taking control of their own life, can build a successful network marketing business, if he/she will invest the time to learn how. It takes most people a couple of hours per week for several months to really learn this business. I feel it is vitally important to also work smarter, not harder, and systemize your business. Again, to learn the marketing system that I prefer, please click here.

This is a system where you can start at the bottom and get to the top by doing it part time. Going back to my initial comment of “Profits are better than wages!” wouldn’t it be nice to say, “I’m working full time on my job and part time on my fortune!” You can actually get started in your own business with no risk. You do not have to quit your job, you can do this part time, and you can usually get started for a very small fee. You may have to give up a little TV, but I never made any money watching TV. Besides, there is always TIVO!

Furthermore, if done properly, you can start increasing your monthly cash flow immediately with your new network marketing business. Click here for your FREE Special Report on how you can get Uncle Sam to pay for your network marketing business, starting with your next paycheck.

Finally, I believe it takes three elements to build a large network marketing business:

The first is the vehicle -- the company and its products. The second is the gas for the vehicle -- the compensation plan, the motivational books & tapes, your sponsor, etc. But even with the best vehicle and gas, you won't go anywhere without the third element -- knowing how to drive...i.e your marketing system. You must learn how to drive the vehicle (market your company and products) before you spend a lot of time informing people all about them.

Most people go to college for four to seven years to get a degree, then sell their life to a big corporation, and hope to retire in 35 or 40 years at $40,000 per year.

If you learn the marketing system I recommend, which has been used successfully by many, many network marketers in many, many companies already, you can go to school virtually tuition-free for several months and earn an excellent annual income! And it is likely that, when you retire, your retirement check will continue to grow, year after year.

If you would like to again own the life you sold years ago to your J.O.B. and are willing to go “back to school” for only three to six months for one to two hours per week, a network marketing business might be the right choice for you.

To avoid setting yourself up for failure, however, please review the various training tools & tips that I have provided throughout this page. Although your upline sponsor may not like everything I have to say, in my opinion, honesty is the best policy. Too much hype and exagerration only leads to bitter disappointment, if your business and your systems aren't done correctly.

Remember, this is not just a selling business, it also involves a great deal of teaching. So not only help yourself, but also help those people you prospect, so everyone can succeed.

In summary, do yourself and your prospects a favor by at least reviewing these five basic items (not affiliated with any specific network marketing company) that I have provided for you here:

1) Understand The Compensation Structure
2) Understand The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing
3) Understand The Tax Benefits
4) Understand How To Properly Market Your Business
5) Understand The Teaching Power Of A Great Website

If you want the quality of your life to change, you have to make some changes yourself. As Jim Rohn says, “All of us live our lives like we are in a sailboat, and the same wind blows on us all. It’s not the blowing of the wind that determines your life’s destination, it’s the set of the sail.”

And as Zig Ziglar says, "While money is not the most important thing in the world, it is reasonably close to oxygen, because when you need it, you really need it! If you help enough people get what they want, you will have everything in life that you want!".

To Your Success...

David Jesse, Your Fellow Average Joe

Please Note: This subject matter is very important to understand, and I will be adding information regularly, so please be patient with me and check back often.

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