Brilliant Compensation...
Are You Paid
What You Are Worth?

"Brilliant Compensation" and "What The Poor, Middle Class, & Wealthy Buy On Payday" are MUST VIEWS for those interested in network marketing and are not affiliated with any specific company!

Tim Sales, a professional networker, has created these very short movies OVER THE INTERNET in order to explain network marketing in a much easier to understand format than I could ever hope to explain through the written word here.

He, along with Dr. Charles King, a Harvard graduate and marketing professor at the University of Illinois, answers the question "Is this one of those pyramid schemes?" and explains how network marketing really works, and why it's compensation plan is not only the most fair, but also brilliant.

I believe it is certainly in a person's best interest to truly understand network marketing as a form of business, BEFORE jumping into business with ANY network marketing company.

Tim Sales is the brilliant man behind these unique online movie. He built a massive business of 54,000 people with a growth rate of 2400 new distributors joining his group EVERY MONTH! He's averaged a strong six-figure income from network marketing for over 10 years. Half of those 10 years he's been retired! (So much for the "network marketing doesn't work" objection.) You can believe that he knows what he's talking about.

Here's what an online marketer said after using this tool:

"The beauty of using this is that I no longer have to overcome the objection of Network Marketing. This NEVER even comes up! Using the power of the Internet and this resource, my sponsoring efforts have gone through the roof!"

And here's what a prospect said after watching "Brilliant Compensation":

"I was just glued to my computer screen. The information was just so good, it was so right on, it just started making me think differently than I had 10 min. before watching it."

Because of your relationship with me, to introduce you to these incredible tools, Tim has agreed to let you see a free preview of these movies. And, remember, "What the Poor, Middle Class, & Wealthy Buy On Payday" does not mention Network Marketing, but is designed to make your prospect aware that they can control their income.

In addition, you can download his "drop-jaw" Training Bulletin “How to Build a Huge Organization Part-Time.” It's packed with nitty-gritty stuff like:

• His exact schedule that created $60,000 a month Part-Time-not a typo;
• Specifically what activities he did and still does today;
• How he prioritizes "interruptions" and how he manages his time;
• And much, much more!

I urge you to take advantage of this powerful online tool to expand your business and let everyone in your downline know about the special offers Tim has set up to introduce you to this tool.

To Your Success...

David Jesse, Your Fellow Average Joe

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