Mind Your Own Home Based Business!

Learn How to Start Your Own Home Based Business so you can "Own Your Life" in order to Have The Time Of Your Life!

Do You Know Something About Anything? A Hobby? A Passion? Any Interests? Experience? C'mon, there's got to be SOMETHING!

Turn Your Knowledge Into Revenue.
Anyone with motivation can do it.

I don't care what business you start, it can be anything, but it must be your own. Even if you love your job, the tax benefits of a home based business alone make this something worth starting. Click here to learn more about the Congress approved income tax benefits of starting and operating your own business from home.

People are making money with all kinds of home based businesses out there, from consulting to accounting to selling "widgets" to referral marketing to photography to artwork to...whatever. The possibilities are endless.

I have one friend who owns his own "critter control" business removing nuisance wildlife "critters" from people's property. I have another friend who has his own accounting firm, another who has his own law firm, another who is an "event" planner, another who is a physical therapist, another who does plumbing work, another is an electrician, a couple who do all sorts of home improvements, and one who buys and sells miniature cows. I had never even heard of miniature cows before this! But I think you get my point...

Everyone, including you, has the talent and the ability to start your own home based business, and when would NOW be a good time to get started?

With that being said, please be careful and start small at first. You must do your research on whatever home based business it is you want to start, as the goal is NOT to go out and create a "money pit" of a business. Below and through other pages on this website, I will address several different types of home based businesses, with little or no start up costs, most of which can be started immediately.

In my estimation, you have to pick a home based business that interests you and that you have a passion for...not something someone "convinces" you to do. Please continue to read every word on this page, and at the end of this write-up, you'll have the chance to learn about several specific home based businesses that I personally have reviewed. But for now, please continue reading...

Let me address some of the reasons as to WHY you should start your own home based business. First of all, “Profits are better than Wages!!!” Those words, as spoken by Jim Rohn, one of America’s foremost business philosophers, continually ring in my ears. Jim goes on to say, “Profits are better than Wages! What a shame that nobody taught us this in high school or college, because wages can make you a living (which is fine), but profits can make you a fortune!!!”

I couldn’t agree more. I'm a big believer in having multiple sources of income. You should too. Just like an investment advisor would tell you to "diversify" and not put all your eggs in one basket (by investing in multiple stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.), the same statement is true when it comes to earning money. Most people simply have a job, and that is their sole source of income. I say, "Diversify! And create multiple sources of income!" It's not as difficult as you think, and no, I don't mean go out and start several part time jobs! Let me explain...

My life and attitude towards earning money changed many years ago, when I read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. In my opinion, this is a MUST READ for anyone looking to take complete control of their finances.

Click on the book to your right to claim your very own copy of this best seller!====>>

Along these lines, "minding your own business", as Mr. Kiyosaki says, is one of the secrets to helping you to become financially successful, a secret that has already helped millions of people around the world realize their dreams. I want to further describe this simple secret to you, so that after you have read this page, you will say to yourself, “Why didn't I think of that?” After learning more about this financial secret of "minding your own business", you will begin to understand how to “Own Your Life.”

What do I mean by “Own Your Life?”

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Let's examine the typical day of any person who has a job. (Remember – most of the time, J.O.B. stands for “Just Over Broke.”) Subtract the time you sleep, work, commute and all of the other things you have to do every day. What's the bottom line? How many hours are left to do whatever you like? These are the hours you own. Would you like to own the rest of them?

Think about this...

There is almost always a natural conflict between an employer (business owner) and an employee (the worker)!

An employer wants to get as much quality work out of an employee as humanly possible, and pay that employee as little as possible without that employee quitting his/her job...thus allowing the employer's business to be as profitable as possible.

On the other hand, an employee has a much different outlook. A typical employee wants to work as little as possible, with as little effort as possible to still keep his/her job, and at the same time, that employee wants to make as much money as possible...a major hit to the employer's bottom line profits. Think about it...it's only natural!

I get so tired of hearing people say, "I'm working my butt off for ABC Company, but I never seem to get ahead!" or "I've made so much money for the owner of ABC Company over the years, yet I can't afford to take a vacation!" or "I work so hard for ABC company, but the owner isn't paying me enough, yet he/she gets to travel all over the world!" My thoughts...do something about it and start your own home based business or shut up!

Sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude, but I get tired of hearing people complain, yet they aren't willing to do anything to change their circumstances. Unfortunately, for an employee, that's how the business world works.

When I refer to “Having it made”, this really means having more money than you can spend and having the time to spend it. I hate to tell you this, but you'll probably never get to this point through your current job...or any job for that matter.


Most people who retire at 65 have the time but not the money. They then barely scrape by and are broke by the time they are 75. Then there are the younger folks with jobs. They may have the money, but they do not have the time!

Let me ask you this...Why don’t you travel or go on vacation more? Is it the time? The money? Or both? Or is it your health? Wouldn't it be better to have the time and the money to travel and vacation when you're still healthy and young enough to really enjoy it?

My own mom & dad, who I love dearly, are in this situation. It breaks my heart to know that they have the time to travel now that my dad has retired, but they can't do so due to arthritis and other health problems. Don't get me wrong, they can still go on short trips to places where they can drive, but long trips in the car and airplane are pretty much out of the question for them nowadays.

To me, to “Own Your Life” simply means having the time and the money to be free to do WHAT you would like to do WHEN you want to do it. It also means the home of your dreams-- or the car, boat or plane--whatever you want! Or spend more time with your family, your church, your community or your political party.

Ask yourself: “What would I do with my life if I could own it?” List on a piece of paper, all of the things that you want to do and all of the things that you want to buy, and the places you would like to go. If you cannot think of anything you want and don't like to travel, then the rest of this page is not for you! Stop reading right here!

However, if you want things for your family and you love to travel or go on vacation...keep reading. There is a way for you to “Own Your Life.”

No matter what home based business you decide to start, you must be willing to figuratively go back to school, tuition-free (actually, you’ll probably even make some money along the way) a few hours a week. “Going back to school” simply means learning how to build your own home based business while doing it by reading books, listening to CDs, watching DVDs, doing research on the internet, talking to business associates, etc.

As I mentioned above, some home based businesses can and do lose money every single day...but if you do your research, don't write big checks, don't guarantee debt, don't make promises you can't keep, are always honest, continually act as a professional, and work your home based business on a "regular & consistent" basis, you should have a very good start towards success. Of course, there are many aspects to owning and running a successful home based business, but this at least gets you started in the right direction.

Click here for your FREE Special Report on how you can get Uncle Sam to pay for your home based business, starting with your next paycheck.

I'd strongly recommend that you play the board game Cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki to get some thoughts about what you'd like to do, before spending a lot of money and jumping head first into the business world. Cashflow 101 let's you play the game of life, test the waters of the business world, the real estate world, and other investments, before putting your real, cold, hard cash on the line. Using a variety of different jobs and different income levels, Cashflow 101 teaches you some of the fundamental financial lessons that are extremely important as you start down the road of financial independence.

To get your very own Cashflow 101 board game, as well as many other products of Robert Kiyoasaki, please visit www.RichDad.com. In addition, you may also be able to find some of these products much cheaper at an online auction site like www.ebay.com. As I write this, Cashflow 101 sells for $195 at www.RichDad.com, but I have seen it sell for a much cheaper price on ebay.

A major publication said recently that the two least likely ways to become a millionaire were to be a “professional” (a doctor, lawyer, etc.) or to work for someone else. The most likely way to become a millionaire was to be an entrepreneur -- to have your own business. For most people, starting their own home based business is incomprehensible: it would cost too much money, plus they feel they lack business knowledge, and the risk would be too great to even think about. I want to take this FEAR away from you!

Because it's necessary to be able to reach as many people as possible for your business, I believe the internet has significantly changed how successful businesses should be built. In my estimation, every business owner needs an excellent website...one that WORKS! This will allow you to reach many people in the same amount of time it would take you to reach one person. Think about it, the internet has virtually replaced the phone book nowadays. Click here for the website provider that I recommend.

Below are several home based businesses that you can possibly do right away, and start down the road of taking control of your financial life. I'll attempt to give you my brutally honest assessment of these businesses, so you can do them without much capital, without much sales talent, and without much risk. Even though some of these businesses have been around for a long time, most people don't really understand them, so they don't even take a serious look at them. But as Robert Kiyosaki likes to say, "Take control of your finances, or take orders for the rest of your life!"

So when reviewing these home based businesses, please don’t let your past experiences dictate your future results! Look at them on their own merits and become 100% informed so you can make an educated decision. I’m certainly not going to try to “push” any of them on you, so please take your time and do your research so you can make an informed decision.

Again, as I mentioned on my homepage, please be patient with me as I build this website and update these reviews. I cannot get everything typed and uploaded overnight, but I will attempt to do so on a regular and consistent basis so you are as well informed as possible.

So without further adieu, here are some home based business possibilities for you to consider.

1) Real Estate Investing
2) Affiliate Marketing
3) Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing
4) Resume Writing for the Unemployed Job Seekers
5) Data Entry Programs
6) Stuffing & Mailing Envelopes
7) Website Building and Promoting
8) Referral Fees for Tax Saving Programs
9) Online e-commerce / ebay store
10) Referral Fees for INTERNETwork Marketing Systems
11) Various Work from Home Programs
12) Any area of interest, passion or expertise of yours

Look, if you had only ONE chance, ONE shot, or ONE opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, ONE moment…would you CAPTURE it?…or just let it slip away? This moment, you own it, you better never let it go, because you may only get ONE shot! Do not miss your chance and blow this opportunity. What are you going to do with it? Swing for the fences or refuse to take your turn at bat. All it takes is a DECISION from YOU!

You only have one shot at this thing we call “life”, and who knows how much time you have left? Life is too short to spend any more time than you have to doing things you do not enjoy! So get to "Minding Your Own Home Based Business!" and have some fun!

To Your Success...

David Jesse, Your Fellow Average Joe

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