An INTERNET Marketing System
That Makes Perfect Sense

Even if you yourself are not in the network marketing industry, most of us know people who are in this industry...whether they sell nutritional supplements, food and recipes, cosmetics, candles, kitchen utensils, legal services, travel packages, or a wide array of other specialty items. The Renegade Network Marketer is an internet marketing system for those in the network marketing industry.

Every single one of them, as business owners, require certain tools and training to help them go about building their business. It's a basic need they all have. Just like eating. No way around it.

And every single one of their prospects - if they truly plan on doing what it takes to be successful - is going to need certain tools and training as well. Some of them cost money, some of them don't.

Why shouldn't you get a piece of this pie? If you want to take full advantage of the potential this industry has to offer, you need to be.

With The Renegade System you can tap into this flow of money that already exists.

After purchasing The Renegade Network Marketer ebook, (a one-time fee of $67 for the ebook, and $127 for the hard copy & the time of this writing), you automatically become a member of the Renegade Affiliate System, as well as all of the other back end affiliate programs that are linked to the Renegade Internet Marketing System.

After purchasing The Renegade Network Marketer ebook through your affiliate link (for which you'll receive a 50% commission), your prospects will find every resource they need to build their primary business (whether you're a part of the network marketing industry or not) in the back end area of this internet marketing system. Anytime they buy something through a link in the back end you get a commission.

Some companies have a single tier affiliate marketing program, whereas other companies have a two tiered structure.

What happens is, for every company that has a single tiered structure, you get the entire commission if one of your prospects ends up buying anything through them.

If it's a two tiered structure though... get the entire commission if your prospect buys something...and...if your prospect does what you did and signs up for their affiliate program...they become your sub-affiliate.

This is huge.

With them as your sub affiliate, anytime one of their prospects buys something through that particular program they get a commission...and you get a commission!

If you become an affiliate of several two-tiered affiliate programs, think of the possibilities...There is no limit to how big this source of profits can be for you because you can have an unlimited amount of sub-affiliates with multiple different affiliate programs - all generating "hands off" money for you.

This is pure gravy on top of what you're already making with your primary business and your own affiliate commissions. In order to make this happen, you have to fill out some online forms and promote your affiliate links.

There are a couple resources here and there in the back end that don't have affiliate programs for you to generate commissions with but that's okay. The vast majority of them do. And of those, many of them offer two tiered commission structures.

That's asking a lot, I know...but I think you'll agree it's worth the extra "effort."

Once again, click here to become an affiliate of The Renegade Network Marketer and The Renegade System!!

To Your Success...

David Jesse, Your Fellow Average Joe

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