Cell Phone Savings

Cell phone savings can be very significant, with a little bit of knowledge and due diligence.

Here are some recommendations I have from the various cell phone plans I have evaluated over the years, trying to get the best deals for my business and my family.

Add family members to your current cell phone plan and share the minutes

Most cell phone companies usually allow you to add an additional line for about $10 per month.

Please be aware that this may increase your minutes used, so you need to be sure that you don't exceed your allowable minutes, as that will increase your expense.

Review your minutes used each month

Many people have many more minutes on their cell phone plans than they actually need.

Unless you have some type of a rollover plan, these minutes are simply wasted at the end of each month, as they are lost if not used.

You may be able to reduce your allowable minutes on your plan, and significantly cut your monthly cost.

Along those lines, remember, for the most part, that calls between users of the same cell phone provider are not usually counted against your minutes.

In addition, some cell phone providers even allow you to add additional "friends and family" phone numbers to your plan, so all calls to those "friends and family" members will not count against your monthly minutes either.

Review your text messaging services each month

This has become an especially hot topic for young people.

Most teenagers and young adults love to send text messages.

It's almost always better to pay some sort of a flat fee for text messaging, rather than be charged $.10 or $.20 per text.

I've personally seen way too many parents get "hammered" on a cell phone bill, simply because one or more of their children drastically overused their text messaging feature.

Review the additional features on your plan

Many times people are paying for Internet service, e-mail functions, navigation features, etc. that they rarely use.

Eliminate these features from your plan and you could possibly save a tremendous amount of money.

By implementing some or all of the above mentioned suggestions, your overall cell phone savings could be quite significant.

To Your Success...

David Jesse, Your Fellow Average Joe

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